About Us

About Us

Hdao(Hyper Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is originated from LEEK which is a well-known blockchain crowdfunding platform. Committed to solving financing problems for good blockchain projects, LEEK has provided financing aids for over 60 blockchain projects and set records for the shortest financing time and the largest financing volume. The act that Coinw strategically bought into LEEK has instilled a great deal of vitality and vigor to Hdao. Based on Coinw’s and LEEK’s numerous users at home and abroad, and supported by HyperPay Team who can provide technical assistance of transition to decentralization,Hdao will complete the transition from centralized funding to multiple centers and to decentralized funding in the end. Hdao will remain strict and critical on examining projects and will be committed to offering high-quality and comprehensive project information to our users.

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WRITE TO US LISTINGS: info@hdao.io Support: info@hdao.io
HEAD OFFICE Hillock,Ballut Street, St.Julian's STJ 1373,Malta


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